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The magic behind organic traffic & revenue.

Our Specialties

Website & Small Business SEO Services

We build your site from high-performing, premium templates. We then optimize the on-site SEO, and put you on our 120 point small business SEO plan, which focuses on the key pillars to deliver results.

Website Creation

We build you a robust, highly-functional website that will be the launching pad for the growth of your online presence. This step is the first one we take on our journey together.

Local SEO

Your on-site SEO information is fundamental to beginning your online growth journey. This is the foundation of all the work that we will do together.

Small Business SEO Sprints

We have a scheduled plan from launch day and beyond to continually improve your SEO through tactics like citation building, geographic targeting & more.

Ad Management

Once your site's structure & SEO have been established, we can begin to supercharge your results with our premium ad management solution.

SEO Services Pricing

At BC Web Services, website design & creation is just the foundation of what we do. SEO is so much more than what is on your website.

For this reason, we only engage in SEO services for clients whose sites we have built and manage.

SEO Services

This service is required for Web Design clients
$ 650* Monthly
  • Google Business Profile optimization
  • On-Site SEO Execution
  • Citation Building > Domain Authority
  • Local surge - 1 service, 1 city
  • 1 SEO Blog post per month

Content Sprint

Want to publish more blog content?
$ 2000* One Time
  • 2 month rapid acceleration plan
  • 8, SEO 1,000 word blog posts
  • Agreed upon outline, topics and cadence
  • Content drip over the first 2 months

Our SEO Process

Step 1

Audit Your Digital Presence‚Äč

We do a full audit to understand your current website’s performance, how you rank vs competitors, etc. This helps us best prioritize what SEO work will be most effective.

Step 1

Step 2

Contract and Align

For this service we require an annual contract. This is due to the fact that SEO work occurs in stages, with significant investment up front to secure the necessary results.

Step 2

Step 3

On-Site SEO

We focus on all things on-site – meta, copy, blog, schema, etc…This is the first area of SEO that we tackle.

Step 3

Step 4

Structural Sprint

During our structural sprint we focus on things like citation building (how you show up on other websites), local surges, geographically focused pages and SEO content (i.e. blog).

Step 4

Step 5

Assess & Adjust

Once the heavy lifting has been done, we continue to refine and make adjustments to both on and off-site SEO. The ultimate benchmark is how you rank in your target geographies vs competitors for your top keywords.

Step 5
Coastal Site Services CEO Headshot
I am very excited and happy with how things are going - I can see the progress on my end which is very exciting.
Brian B.

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