We build our clients a functional, clean small business website.

Our focus is to build a mobile-friendly, high-performing small business website that will rank more competitively and function very well.

A Better Small Business Website.

We are web design, simplified.

When we first began designing a small business website for our clients, there was a clear and glaring gap in the market – in the spectrum of “DIY” to massive, overly expensive studio, there were few solid options in the middle, or the “gap.” We operate in the gap – we are designing our clients a high-functioning small business website, with great focus on the immediate and long-term layers of SEO work required to help you increase your organic reach in the markets you are targeting.

What we do

Small Business Website & SEO Solutions

We build your small business website from high-performing, premium templates. We then optimize the on-site SEO, and put you on our 120 SEO plan, which focuses on the key SEO pillars.

Website Creation

We build you a robust, highly-functional small business website that will be the launching pad for the growth of your online presence. This step is the first one we take on our journey together.

On-Site SEO

Your on-site SEO information is fundamental to beginning your online growth journey. This is the foundation of all the work that we will do together.

Local SEO Optimization

We have a scheduled plan from launch day and beyond to continually improve your SEO through tactics like citation building, geographic targeting & more.

Maintenance & Hosting

Our monthly service includes hosting your small business website on our premium servers, monthly website updates, and continued optimization efforts around SEO.

Featured clients

Some of our clients & sites

Here are several examples of client sites that we have helped. We continue to work with these clients today as we implement our SEO strategies with each of them.

Web Design & SEO Client - Coastal

Coastal Site Services

Web & SEO

Web Design & SEO Client - Canton Kitchens

Canton Kitchens

Web & SEO

Web Design & SEO Client - Revival

Revival Fitness, MD

Web & SEO

Web Design & SEO Client - GRB

GRB Roofing


This team took the necessary and functional website components and built me a site that works, really well. The design and prospect flow is really awesome.
Dave Lima
Case Studies

Happy clients story


Revival Fitness

Revival Fitness was a client that we engaged with primarily to help with the user experience, functionality and look/feel of the site.


Coastal Site Services

Coastal was a pleasure to work with. They are a site development company operating out of Taneytown, MD. Check them out!

Just A Few Of Our Clients