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Supercharge your traffic & revenue.

Our Specialties

Website & Small Business SEO Services

We build your site from high-performing, premium templates. We then optimize the on-site SEO, and put you on our 120 point small business SEO plan, which focuses on the key pillars to deliver results.

Website Creation

We build you a robust, highly-functional website that will be the launching pad for the growth of your online presence. This step is the first one we take on our journey together.

Local SEO

Your on-site SEO information is fundamental to beginning your online growth journey. This is the foundation of all the work that we will do together.

Small Business SEO Optimization

We have a scheduled plan from launch day and beyond to continually improve your SEO through tactics like citation building, geographic targeting & more.

Ad Management

Once your site's structure & SEO have been established, we can begin to supercharge your results with our premium ad management solution.‚Äč

Ad Management Pricing

At BC Web Services, website design & creation is just the foundation of what we do. SEO is so much more than what is on your website.

For this reason, we only engage in SEO services for clients whose sites we have built and manage.

Ad Management

Recommend Web Design & SEO First
$ 997* Monthly
  • Detailed onboarding sessions to identify goals & objectives
  • Pre-alignment on each campaign's creative & messaging
  • Post-mortem assessment and analysis of all ad campaigns
  • Quarterly deep dive on ad results
  • Assigned account manager to support your business needs

Our Ad Management Process

Step 1

Align On Goals & Objectives

Before we begin spending ad dollars, we need to fully understand what your objective is. Who are you targeting? Where are they looking for you? When are they looking for you?

Step 1

Step 2

Develop Ad Campaign Strategy

Once we know the goals, objectives and target audience, we can create an ad campaign strategy with your business and customer in mind. We will review this with you to gain alignment prior to proceeding.

Step 2

Step 3


Prior to spending aggressively, we will A/B test copy, demographic, approach, etc…We want to nail down the right strategy that is efficient and cost effective before infusing too much funding.

Step 3

Step 4


Once we’ve dialed in the strategy and specific approach – we scale. More $ in, more $ out.

Step 4

Step 5

Assess & Adjust

We will continually assess the performance of ads and adjust as needed based on the ROI of each campaign.

Step 5
Coastal Site Services CEO Headshot
I am very excited and happy with how things are going - I can see the progress on my end which is very exciting.
Brian B.

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