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How to Add Users to Meta Business Suite Account 2024

Having team members or employees access your business’s Facebook and Instagram assets is crucial for effective marketing and advertising efforts. The Meta Business Suite (formerly Facebook Business Manager) allows you to grant different levels of access to multiple users, keeping everything organized in one central place. In this guide, we’ll walk through the entire process of add users to Meta Business Suite account in 2024, step-by-step.

How To Add Users To Meta Business Manager

What is the Meta Business Suite?

The Meta Business Suite (previously called Facebook Business Manager) is a unified platform that allows businesses to manage their Facebook, Instagram, and other Meta product presences, advertising accounts, and assigned team members/partners – all in one convenient place.

Why Add Users to Your Meta Business Suite Account?

There are several key benefits to adding users and granting them the appropriate access levels within your Meta Business Suite:

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– Enable team collaboration and centralized access to marketing assets
– Divide responsibilities by assigning specialized roles and permissions  
– Allow trusted partners (agencies, contractors, etc.) to access only what they need
– Maintain secure control over your business accounts and data
– Keep a record of who has access and what they can do

What Preparation is Needed Before Adding Users?

Before diving into adding users, there are a few things to have ready:

– An existing Business Manager account set up for your business 
– A list of the users (emails/accounts) you want to add and their roles
– Determine the specific assets (Pages, ad accounts, etc.) you want to grant access to
– Decide what level of permission each user needs (admin, analyst, etc.)

How to Add a New User to Meta Business Suite

Once prepared, here are the steps to add a new user to your Business Manager:

1. Log into Business Manager and go to the Business Settings
2. Click on “People” in the left menu, then “Add Person”
3. Enter the email address of the person you want to add
4. Select their role and asset access levels 
5. Click “Next” to send them an invitation to your Business Manager

What Are the Different User Roles and Permissions?

When adding a user, you’ll assign them a role that determines their level of access. The main roles are:

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Admin: Full control, can add/remove people, change settings
Employee: Access to most tools for a single asset (page, ad account, etc.)  
Moderator: Basic publishing/editing rights for a single asset
Analyst: View-only access to insights and advertisements

Read the role descriptions carefully to assign the right level of permission.

How to Manage Existing Users in Your Account

Over time, you may need to adjust existing users’ roles and permissions. To do so:

1. Go to Business Settings > People 
2. Click on the person’s name to view/edit their roles, assets, etc.
3. You can remove people from your Business entirely if needed

Tips for Using Meta Business Suite Effectively  

– Add people gradually, only giving access to what’s necessary
– Review user access levels periodically and remove any unnecessary permissions
– Encourage employees to use 2-factor authentication on their accounts
– Consider adding partners/vendors as “People” to collaborate efficiently
– For advanced needs, look into assigning custom roles and permissions

Get Started with Adding Users Today

Whether you need to grant access to internal employees, agencies, contractors or partners – adding trusted users to your Meta Business Suite simplifies collaboration and account management. 

By carefully controlling roles and permissions, you can work smoothly across your Facebook, Instagram and Meta assets while maintaining proper security over your business data.

Follow the steps outlined above and utilize these best practices to build your marketing team and start driving better results today!

Key Takeaways: How To Add Users To Meta Business Manager

The Meta Business Suite (Facebook Business Manager) allows adding multiple users with specific roles/permissions
– Add employees, agencies, contractors as users to enable collaboration on assets like Facebook/Instagram pages and ads
– Assign admin, employee, analyst and other access levels based on each user’s needs
– Regularly review and adjust user permissions as your marketing team/strategy evolves
– Take advantage of the centralized access and management capabilities Business Suite provides


Q: What is Meta Business Manager, and how does it relate to adding users?

A: Meta Business Manager is a tool that allows businesses to manage their Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. Adding users to Meta Business Manager involves granting access to individuals who can help manage the business accounts.

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Q: How do I add people to my Meta Business Manager?

A: To add people to Meta Business Manager, go to the Business Settings section, select People, then click Add. You can then enter the email addresses of the individuals you want to invite.

Q: What permissions are necessary for adding users to Meta Business Manager?

A: To add someone to Meta Business Manager, you need to have administrative access to the Facebook page or Instagram account associated with the business.

Q: Can I add someone to Meta Business Manager with just their email address?

A: Yes, you can invite someone to Meta Business Manager by entering their email address. They will receive an invitation to access the business account.

Q: Do users need to have a personal Facebook account to be added to Meta Business Manager?

A: Yes, users need to have a personal Facebook account in order to be added to Meta Business Manager and access the full range of features.

Q: What if I need to change the permissions of a user in Meta Business Manager?

A: You can modify the permissions of a user in Meta Business Manager by going to Business Settings, selecting People, and then editing the roles and access levels for each individual.

Q: How can I ensure the security of my Meta Business Manager account when adding users?

A: It is recommended to turn on two-factor authentication for added security when managing users and access in Meta Business Manager.

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