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7 Powerful Reasons Why Customer Reviews Are Essential for Your Business

Customer reviews and online reviews are crucial for businesses of all sizes. In today’s digital age, potential customers rely heavily on reviews from past customers when making purchasing decisions. If your business doesn’t have a healthy number of positive customer reviews, you could be missing out on valuable leads and sales. This article explains why customer reviews are so important and outlines seven key reasons why prioritizing review generation should be part of your marketing strategy.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews Build Trust and Credibility

One of the biggest reasons why customer reviews are important is that they help build trust and credibility with potential customers. Before making a purchase, most consumers read online reviews to get an understanding of what others have experienced with a product or service. Positive reviews can help assure prospective buyers that they are making a good decision by choosing your business.

Google Reviews and Other Platforms Impact Local SEO

Google reviews on your Google Business Profile aren’t just for customer confidence – they are also a key local SEO ranking factor. Businesses with more (and better) reviews are more likely to appear higher in local search engine results. This increased online visibility can drive more website traffic and foot traffic to your business location.  

Customer Reviews Provide Valuable Feedback 

In addition to helping attract new customers, online customer reviews provide insightful feedback about your products, services, and overall customer experience. This feedback is invaluable for understanding what your business does well and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Negative Reviews Give You a Chance to Make Things Right

No business can avoid negative reviews 100% of the time. However, negative reviews also give you an opportunity to publicly address the issue, own up to any mistakes, and show potential customers how you handle criticism in a professional manner. Responding appropriately to bad reviews can actually build trust and credibility.

Good Reviews Can Increase Sales and Revenue

The importance of customer reviews ultimately comes down to the bottom line. Studies consistently show that positive online reviews lead to increased sales and revenue for businesses across all industries. One study found that a one-star increase in a business’s review rating could lead to a 9% increase in revenue.

Reviews Help You Optimize for Keywords Related to Your Products/Services

Written customer reviews often include keywords related to the products and services you offer. Search engines take notice of these naturally occurring keywords, which can help improve your SEO and organic search rankings for those terms over time.

Social Proof Attracts More Reviews

When potential customers see that others have left honest, positive reviews about your business, it creates a self-perpetuating cycle. Reading glowing reviews provides social proof and encourages prospective customers to become customers. Then, hopefully, those new customers leave their own positive reviews for others.

How Important Are Reviews from an Online Shopper’s Perspective?

At this point, you understand the importance of customer reviews from a business perspective, but reviews arguably matter even more to consumers. Here are some eye-opening statistics about how much people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations:

– 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions
– 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review 
– 72% of people say positive reviews make them trust a local business more
– Negative reviews deter 40% of consumers from wanting to use a business

Why Getting Customer Reviews Is Difficult

If customer reviews are so important, why don’t more businesses have a ton of them? Getting customer reviews is challenging for several reasons:

– Customers are busy and may forget to leave reviews
– Some customers don’t feel compelled to leave reviews without being asked
– The review process is different across various platforms
– Some businesses don’t actively encourage customers to leave reviews

How to Get More Customer Reviews for Your Business

Here are some tips for getting new customers and existing ones to leave reviews about their experience with your business:

Make it Easy to Leave a Review

Don’t expect customers to go out of their way to leave reviews. Make it as easy as possible by:

– Including links to your Google Business Profile listing and other review platforms in follow up emails/texts 
– Having a “Leave a Review” button prominently displayed on your website
– Using third-party tools or software to automatically request and collect reviews

Ask for Reviews at the Right Time

The best time to ask for reviews is right after providing a product or service when the experience is still fresh in the customer’s mind. Some businesses send automated emails or texts requesting reviews shortly after an order is completed or appointment occurs.

Provide an Incentive for Leaving a Review

While you can’t directly compensate customers in exchange for writing reviews, you can provide other incentives like:

– Entering customers who leave reviews into a prize drawing
– Offering a small discount on their next purchase
– Simply saying “please” and personally asking for their feedback

Respond to Reviews (Good and Bad)

When customers see you taking the time to respond to and address both positive and negative reviews, it encourages them to leave reviews of their own. It shows you value customer feedback.

Focus on Providing Excellent Service and Creating Happy Customers

At the end of the day, the best way to get great online reviews is to have a laser focus on delivering outstanding customer service and going the extra mile to create positive experiences. Happy customers mean more 5-star reviews.

Key Takeaways on Why Customer Reviews Are So Important

Here are the key things to remember about the importance of customer reviews for businesses:

– Customer reviews build trust and credibility with potential new customers
– Positive online reviews can directly lead to increased sales and revenue
– Google reviews impact local SEO rankings and online visibility
– Negative reviews allow you to provide great customer service by responding properly
– Written reviews include keywords that help with search optimization
– Getting customer reviews provides invaluable feedback to improve your business
– Asking customers to leave reviews (and making it easy) leads to more reviews
– Creating excellent customer experiences should be your biggest priority for generating reviews

By understanding why customer reviews are important and proactively working to generate more reviews across different review platforms, you can drive powerful results for your business’s online presence, trustworthiness, and bottom line.


Q: Why are customer reviews important for my business?

A: Customer reviews are important because they provide social proof of your products or services and can influence potential customers’ purchasing decisions.

Q: How can online reviews impact my business?

A: Online reviews can affect your brand reputation, search engine ranking, and overall credibility. Positive reviews can attract more customers, while negative reviews can deter them.

Q: What are the 7 reasons why customer reviews are important?

A: Customer reviews can improve customer satisfaction, increase brand awareness, enhance credibility, boost SEO, attract new business, build trust, and provide valuable feedback for improvement.

Q: How can I encourage customers to leave positive reviews?

A: You can request reviews from satisfied customers, make it easy for them to leave reviews on platforms like Google My Business, and provide exceptional service to increase the likelihood of receiving great reviews.

Q: What should I do if I receive a bad review?

A: Respond professionally to the negative review, address any concerns raised by the customer, and use it as an opportunity to show other potential customers that you value feedback and are committed to resolving issues.

Q: How many reviews should my business strive to have?

A: Aim to have at least 20 reviews to establish credibility and provide potential customers with a more comprehensive picture of your products or services. However, the quality of reviews is more important than the quantity.

Q: Can fake reviews harm my business?

A: Yes, fake reviews can damage your brand reputation and credibility. It is important to focus on genuine reviews from real customers to build trust with your audience.

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