Small Business SEO Services

What we do

Website & Small Business SEO Solutions

We build your site from high-performing, premium templates. We then optimize the on-site SEO, and put you on our 120 point small business SEO plan, which focuses on the key small business SEO pillars.

Website Creation

We build you a robust, highly-functional website that will be the launching pad for the growth of your online presence. This step is the first one we take on our journey together.

On-Site SEO

Your on-site SEO information is fundamental to beginning your online growth journey. This is the foundation of all the work that we will do together.

Small Business SEO Optimization

We have a scheduled plan from launch day and beyond to continually improve your SEO through tactics like citation building, geographic targeting & more.

Maintenance & Improvement

Our monthly service includes hosting on our premium servers, monthly website updates, and continued optimization efforts around small business SEO.

Our small business SEO process

A process with you in mind

Free Site Audit

When we first discuss your site, we will complete a free small business SEO site audit, outlining the areas where we see opportunity and how we can help you improve. Interested in trying a test yourself? Click Here


The onboarding phase has been simplified - we sent you a dynamic packet that includes payment, contract and a questionnaire. Once completed, we begin.

Site Build & Launch

Within 5 business days of receiving all necessary info, we will have your site ready to launch. We will connect with you live to review.

Structural Sprint

The structural sprint is the small business SEO work that commences after the site has been launched. This includes citation building, geographic targeting, etc...


At BC Site Design we build, edit, optimize and maintain your site. Our work begins with the up front build, but our suite of tools continues to become more advanced and sophisticated as we discover new technologies and techniques to improve your site’s performance. Small business SEO is not an immediate fix, but rather a build over time. The monthly cost allows us to do that continued work.

Up Front Build Cost

Cost to build the site

$ 1597
  • High-speed, mobile-optimized site build
  • First touch client automation, pricing tool creation
  • On-site SEO established at build
  • Google Business Profile build out
  • Citation building execution (critical to SEO)


Required to manage, maintain and refine SEO

$ 179
  • Suite of tools driving your site's performance
  • Pricing Tool maintenance
  • Continued SEO work & refinement
  • One round of revisions on the site per month
  • Continued addition of cutting edge tools and tech